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Food Industry Boots

For employees who prioritize their safety and that of others!

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Our company produces Camminare rubber boots, which are among the most durable and highly sought-after footwear available in Europe. These shoes combine the style and elegance of Italian products with the practical and high-quality nature of Polish manufacturing. The use of the latest available technologies and top-notch materials ensures that Camminare rubber boots will accompany you every step of the way, even in extreme conditions. In addition, we also offer a wide range of clogs to complement our footwear offering. We warmly invite you to explore the details available on our website.




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Sicuro S5

Discover reliable safety in Sicuro Work S5 boots – a unique solution for professionals who prioritize foot protection in all conditions. These durable and functional safety boots offer maximum grip, antistatic and puncture protection.


Sicuro S4

Discover reliable safety in Sicuro Food S4 boots – a unique solution for professionals in the food industry who prioritize foot protection in all conditions. These durable and functional safety boots have been specially designed for use in the food environment


Sicuro Hook

Sicuro Hook is an innovative fishing boot designed to provide not only comfort but also safety during prolonged stays in various terrain conditions. Sicuro Hook, as an indispensable companion for every angler, excels in places where comfort and foot protection are crucial.


For over 20 years, Camminare Boots has been supporting professionals around the world by providing them with the lightest EVA boots that offer the comfort and protection they deserve. With our factory, we are able to produce efficiently while ensuring the highest quality. Our products are available globally so that everyone can benefit from the reliability and lightness of Camminare Boots.


The essential equipment for any outfit for the forest, fishing, or work includes appropriate men’s rubber boots, which should not only be comfortable but also durable. Extreme use in even the toughest conditions should never lead to damage to footwear, and that’s precisely why our men’s rubber boots are characterized by rarely encountered durability in their construction.

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Ideal safety boots, providing maximum safety and tailored to the needs of your industry. Our footwear is waterproof and has thermal insulation properties, protecting against moisture, with soles resistant to both diesel and vegetable oils.


EVA++ Technology

Our dedication to innovation has led us to develop EVA++ and to apply polyurethane specifically for the production of professional footwear. This innovative material sets a new standard for durability, comfort, and performance.


Safe EVA Footwear

Our shoes made from EVA material stand out for their unmatched lightness and durability. Thanks to excellent slip-resistant properties, they guarantee the highest level of safety in any conditions.


Sustainable Development

Our company, inspired by the idea of sustainable development, strives to create innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

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About Us

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Classification of Safety Footwear

Our Eva Technology

EVA++ Innovative Material for Safety Boots

Our footwear utilizes revolutionary materials, EVA and EVA++, which clearly outperform traditional materials like rubber or PVC. EVA++ is a specialized polyurethane developed by a leading manufacturer in the industry. It distinguishes itself with exceptional durability and longevity, providing reliable foot protection even in the most extreme conditions.

ISO Certification

Mother and Child Certificate

CSA Certification

PZH Certification

NATO Certification

Lean Manufacturing Audit

The Certificate of Our Excellent Standard - Camminare

We invite you to discover the story of our company, Camminare, which, through its continuous pursuit of improving organizational standards and service quality, has earned prestigious ISO, Mother and Child, CSA, PZH, and NATO Code certifications. Get to know our mission, values, and passion that have allowed us to achieve these exceptional distinctions...



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Safety Boots



Excellent Safety Boots Tailored to Your Industry Needs

Every specific market has its own particular requirements when it comes to safety, hygiene, and comfort. That's why at Camminare, we continually strive to view things from our customers' perspective in all their work environments: from agriculture, through fishing, food processing, to construction and industry, as well as leisure footwear with EVA...