The history of the Camminare Boots brand began almost twenty years ago, thanks to an Italian entrepreneur. Through visionary thinking, it brought together Italian spirit and Polish excellence. A passion for shoemaking and high craftsmanship became the foundations of a new brand that quickly gained footwear enthusiasts throughout Europe.

Our company has taken root in Poland, where it continues to develop its brand, drawing new ideas and solutions from all European countries, but it has never lost its original direction. Drawing from the Italian heritage of elegant and creative design, as well as from the Polish tradition of meticulousness and production reliability, each pair of Camminare Boots’ boots and clogs is a luxury product. Like all the greatest European brands, we are not afraid to deliver our products to store shelves because we have 100% confidence that they will never fail the trust of their owners.

Sustainable development is always at the core of our values. We continually invest in research and development of new technologies to find sustainable materials and production processes that respect the environment, confirming our commitment to a greener future.

Today, Camminare Boots is more than just another footwear brand: it is a symbol of cultural fusion, quality, and innovation. While we continue to grow, we remain true to our original mission: to offer our customers shoes that are not just an accessory but a faithful and reliable companion at every step of their lives!

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2004 - Establishment of the business

In 2004, almost with sentiment and driven by passion and curiosity, I decided to start my own company. What initially seemed like an experiment turned into an entrepreneurial adventure full of satisfaction and challenges. Looking back now, that year marks an unexpected beginning of a journey that has brought me to my current place in my professional career and represents a fundamental chapter in its history.

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2004 - Business Development

The journey of my company began with a simple yet crucial task: winding small electrical transformers. This precise and meticulous work not only laid the foundation for our future growth but also was characterized by dedication and attention to detail. It was this initial phase that created the basis for what my company has transformed into today.
Industrial paint shop

2006 - Expansion of operations to include paint shops

The manual painting of plastic components, which initially started as an innovative expansion of our operations, has over time become one of the two main pillars of our business. To this day, this activity remains a key part of our offering, demonstrating our ability to adapt and grow while maintaining a high level of expertise and dedication. We continue to develop and refine these skills, proudly upholding the tradition that combines innovation with craftsmanship.
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2008 - Purchase of the first injection molding machine

In 2008, we took a significant step by acquiring our first injection molding machine, marking the beginning of a new revolutionary journey. This event gave birth to our Camminare brand and was a milestone in the history of our company. From that moment on, our commitment to innovation and quality began to take shape, leading us to who we are today.
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2011 - Construction of the company's main headquarters

In 2011, we made the decision to build the main headquarters of our company, bringing together our two main areas of operation - painting and production - in one place.
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2012 - Purchase of a 5-axis painting robot

In the same year, we launched our first automatic painting line with a 5-axis robot.
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2013 - Purchase of the second injection molding machine

In 2013, we expanded our production capabilities by purchasing the second injection molding machine.
Sapro 14

2014 - Construction of the second hall

In 2014, we began the construction of the second hall, marking a new stage of expansion and development for our company.
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2017 - Purchase of the third injection molding machine

In 2017, we further enriched our machinery park by purchasing the third injection molding machine and introducing new shoe models.
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2017 - Purchase of a new 8-axis robot

In 2017, we took a groundbreaking step in automation by acquiring a new 18-axis painting robot, further expanding our production and technological capabilities.
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2019 - Construction of the second warehouse

In 2019, we made a significant investment in infrastructure by building an environmentally-friendly warehouse for storing our shoes.
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2021 - Launch of the 4th injection molding machine

In 2021, we continued to invest in our production capacity by purchasing a new injection molding machine, further strengthening our position in the industry.

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Our footwear utilizes revolutionary materials, EVA and EVA++, which clearly outperform traditional materials like rubber or PVC. EVA++ is a specialized polyurethane developed by a leading manufacturer in the industry. It distinguishes itself with exceptional durability and longevity, providing reliable foot protection even in the most extreme conditions.

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We invite you to discover the story of our company, Camminare, which, through its continuous pursuit of improving organizational standards and service quality, has earned prestigious ISO, Mother and Child, CSA, PZH, and NATO Code certifications. Get to know our mission, values, and passion that have allowed us to achieve these exceptional distinctions...



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Every specific market has its own particular requirements when it comes to safety, hygiene, and comfort. That's why at Camminare, we continually strive to view things from our customers' perspective in all their work environments: from agriculture, through fishing, food processing, to construction and industry, as well as leisure footwear with EVA...