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Syberian Thermal

Available colors:

Size: 41 – 48

Weight: 420 g

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  • Cold insulation down to -50 °C with winter liner
  • Impregnated collar with elastic band
  • Rubber or studded outsole (optionally)
  • High outsole, ultralight, heel absorption
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Special hook at the back
  • Waterproof product
  • Wider fit
Wykonane z materiału EVA ++ Łatwy do czyszczenia Wodoodporne Materiale leggero

Syberian Thermal: Unmatched Cold Protection

Syberian Thermal boots are designed for those who aren’t afraid of facing intense cold. They offer thermal insulation down to -50°C with a winter lining, ensuring that your feet stay warm even in extreme conditions. The removable and washable lining is a practical solution that helps maintain freshness and hygiene.

The Most Severe Cold Won’t Be a Problem

The impregnated collar with an elastic strap and waterproofing protect against moisture, ensuring dryness inside the boots, which is crucial at such low temperatures. Additionally, this Camminare model offers an optional rubber or spiked outer sole, providing extra protection against slippery surfaces or ice. The high and ultralight sole with heel cushioning protects against shocks and reduces foot fatigue. A special heel tab at the back of the boot makes it easy to remove after winter activities.


Wykonane z materiału EVA ++

Available for download:

Photos and marketing materials

Product Catalog PDF (English version)

Technical datasheet

Product brochure

Ultra lightweight

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Our shoes are over 40% lighter than regular boots.

Easy to clean

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Easy-to-clean boots, resistant to stains.

Thermal Insulation

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Nasze buty oferują izolację termiczną do -40°C


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The product is 100% waterproof, protecting the foot from moisture.


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Resistant to: fungi and bacteria

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Our footwear utilizes revolutionary materials, EVA and EVA++, which clearly outperform traditional materials like rubber or PVC. EVA++ is a specialized polyurethane developed by a leading manufacturer in the industry. It distinguishes itself with exceptional durability and longevity, providing reliable foot protection even in the most extreme conditions.

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